Welcome to Us!
Why Louie Family Baking? Macro, son who loves to cook & bake, says one day, “I want to bake & sell Dad’s biscottini (our special petite biscotte) at the farmer’s market.” Bob, dad who loves to cook for other people, and Flo, mom with yen for marketing, catering, said “great idea, we’ll help”. So we started our small family business, baking, cooking out of Oakland Asian Cultural Center’s commercial kitchen & our Bekerley Cottage Food permitted home kitchen. We bake goods & foods on order to customers in the greater Bay Area. Our sweet or savory bakedgoods & foods have a homemade look & taste, qualities we like and presumably our repeat customers. Our website will show old and potential customers current & future offering. P.S. We haven’t had time to do any baking & selling at any farmer’s market yet.
a) order & pay directly to Louie Family Baking (LFB)
call Florence at 510-681-5515, Marco at 510-982-9941
can order via e-mail to flolo39@aol.com or

b) order or pay via Paypal (Future Option)

c) all order will be confirmed by LFB & customers to give
Customer’s ph #
customer’s email address

a) call LFB 510-681-5515 or 510-982-9941
or e-amil flolo39@aol.com or louiefamilybaking@gmail.com

b) delivery fees depends on distance